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Hi Campbell, yeah this is exactly the type of resources I wish to build up for our discipline. Chris has started with some AutoCAd vids. I really like your team approach with Meeno assisting. Better him than me I would have stuffed up the math. Ha.
The text overlay/insert is a good idea to recover the odd oops. Nice one .

christopher lovegrove

How is it?
Thanks for posting this video Campbell. I sort of followed what the graphic divider was all about when you first gave me an overview last week. This video also helps reinforce its purpose.
We do a similar thing with stem sections. I wasn't too sure if the students had follwed my demo and explanation first time round... but yes... Two of the students, one doing, one filming, made a video, uploaded it to Youtube, and inserted the link in their blog.
Good things are a happening when the students help, or become the teacher.


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